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Apex Pressure Washing, Woodinville's number one power washing company, specializes in roof cleaning. Woodinville residents face unique concerns with regard to the maintenance of their roofs. Apex has been cleaning roofs in King County and the surrounding region for over 15 years, and we have the experience it takes to properly clean and maintain your roof.

The distinctive weather and environmental conditions in this part of Washington State promote particular circumstances that affect your roof. Mold, lichen, moss, and algae grow persistently and, if left unchecked, will ultimately cause premature deterioration and damage to your roof. Aside from the unsightly appearance, organic matter such as moss and algae absorb and retain moisture, which is the major culprit in rotting your roof, especially the more popular cedar shake roofs. Further, with the large number of trees and foliage in this area, leaves, pine needles, and other debris quickly accumulate on roof tops, further promoting the growth of mold and retaining moisture on your roof. Again, left unattended, this accumulated debris can undermine the structure of your roof, resulting in costly and inconvenient repairs or replacement. Through periodic roof cleaning, Woodinville homeowners can avoid these problems, and extend the life of their roofs. But not just any roof cleaning company will do; you need a company with experienced and skilled professionals who can properly and thoroughly remove the debris without causing damage to the roof or surrounding area. You need the professionals at Apex.

At Apex, we use only the best, most trusted techniques to clean your roof and gutters. Our cleaning solutions and pressure washing equipment are specially designed to remove deep down dirt and grime, and clean even the most hard to reach cracks and crevices without causing damage to your roof or property. Further, our cleaning solvents will not fade or stain your roof, but instead will bring out its clean, natural vibrancy. In addition to pressure washing, Woodinville residents can also take advantage of our preventative treatments, designed to retard the growth of organic matter such as lichen, mold, and algae. These treatments serve to protect your roof and extend the time in between cleanings.

To learn more about our expert roof cleaning, Woodinville homeowners can contact us anytime for a free, on-site estimate. We also offer a host of other pressure washing and maintenance service that we'd be happy to discuss with you. Don't wait for the Washington weather to get the best of your roof - call today! Contact Apex Pressure Washing Woodinville / Roof Cleaning Woodinville today.