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Richard Miller is a Western Washington native, he earned his BA from WSU and then started his pressure washing business. He has been cleaning roofs for over 15 years, and is a father of two boys that keep him busy. Richard has earned the trust of the community by being friendly, honest, and hard working. He uses the best equipment in the industry and all employees are skilled in working safely. Even the most challenging roof cleaning project is no match.

Not just roofs! We are experts in Snohomish pressure washing

Your home is expensive. Frequently your home is the most expensive item you own. Maintaining your home and keeping it in proper condition helps preserve and protect it, ensuring higher property value for you and your Snohomish neighbors. That is true of the inside and the outside of the home. We specialize in helping maintain the outside of your home by keeping it clean and presentable. When the exterior of your home is properly maintained then you will get much more value out of your roof and siding. It not only looks better, but will frequently last much longer. With our professional pressure washing equipment and extensively trained crews we can go bottom to top; driveway cleaning to roof cleaning. Snohomish never looked so good! Let us freshen up your home for Kla ha ya days or Groundfrog day with driveway, patio, walkway, portico, deck, siding, gutter and roof cleaning.

Experienced Snohomish Pressure Washing

When it comes to your roof, taking care of it can make a major difference in how long it lasts and how much money you can save. But it is also critical to be careful how you take care of it. High pressure water jet machines are powerful enough to cut your shingles and remove the surface including the protective crystals, when not done properly can void your roof's warranty! That is why we use only low pressure water to do a thorough cleaning job while keeping your roof structure safe.

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